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PO Siam Thai Massage is dedicated to the history and benefits of Thai Massage. Our goal is to have each of our clients experience all the relief and relaxation that comes with traditional Thai massage.

Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient system of healing with its root in yoga.

Deep tissue

Deep Tissue Massage helps stimulate circulation and achieve deep muscle penetration.

Combination Massage

Combination massage combines the benefits of the invigorating Thai massage and the relaxing Swedish massage.


The Swedish massage, incorporates light to medium pressure, long strokes and kneading to reduce tension, soothe sore muscles and stimulate circulation.


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  • This place is a gem. Having spent the last five days walking, running, yoga and surfing, my entire body was in need of rejuvenation. I highly recommend Angie because she is an excellent masseuse and seems to genuinely care about her clients. I will return again.

    John C. | Dallas, TX
  • Traditional Thai Massage is just a little too intense for me and my Back. So, I opted for a deep tissue massage and asked for therapist that was good for walking on back-because that strength is what is typically required for my 6’1″ & 220lb frame. They said no walking on back like a Chinese massage but assured me that their techniques will make my back feel just as good. So, since the owner &/or manager was so confident and seemed truly sincere I opted for a DTM with focus on my upper back, lower back, flutes and relaxation:

    Scotty R. | San Diego, CA
  • 5 stars best thai massage in laguna by far very friendly staff extremely knowledgeable not one complaint, they are by far the best thai massage In Laguna

    Hunter S. | Laguna Beach, CA
  • Beauty was an incredible masseuse. She made sure to check in with me about whether the pressure was too strong and was very thorough. I feel extremely loose and flexible. I will be back!

    Sara T. | Los Angeles, CA
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